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Car hire and rental with driver in Santa Maria Navarrese - Baunei

Taxi Service

Sardinia is a beautiful region, but moving from one city to another can become difficult if you don't have your own vehicle.
Do not give up visiting or going to the places of your interest, rely on the taxi service of Car Rental Barca Luciano in Santa Maria Navarrese, Baunei.

You can request a taxi service to go to work, attend a meeting or just for the desire to visit a city in the region.

Whatever your needs, you can count on a fast and professional service. Car Rental Barca Luciano drivers will allow you to reach the place you want in the shortest possible time.

If yours is a leisure trip you can go to places of tourist interest and see all the beauties that the region offers.

The advantages of the taxi service are:
• Maximum staff efficiency
• All the drivers are experienced and know the roads perfectly
• The speed of response to your needs
• The choice of the shortest route by the driver
• Expert team at your disposal
• Safe and controlled vehicles

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Car hire and rental with driver in Santa Maria Navarrese - Baunei

Car Rent

The car rental service will allow you to move independently from one area of the city to another or to visit other places in wonderful Sardinia.

By renting the car you can move in total autonomy. With a car at your disposal you can decide at any time to visit all the beauties of Sardinia.

Renting a car gives you the convenience and comfort of going wherever you want when it suits you best. Getting to know the history, culture, art and welcoming and warm people of the region will be a real pleasure traveling with Car Rental Barca Luciano cars.

If you want to go out in the evening to go and have fun in the many clubs in the area you can withdraw whenever you want by taking advantage of the car rental service in Baunei without the inconvenience of having to depend on someone. Based on your needs, you can choose the car that best meets your needs.

The cars at your disposal are:
Minivan: If you need to travel alone, you can choose a practical and comfortable minivan.
Station Wagon: For your trip with all your family Car Rental Barca Luciano offers the very spacious station wagon.
City Car: Your stay in the city with one of the city cars of Car Rental Barca Luciano will be even more enjoyable and fun.
Suv: For quick trips and rather long trips, Car Rental Barca Luciano has high performance SUVs.

The car rental service will allow you to:
• Leave when you prefer
• Go to the cities you want to visit
• Make as many stops as you like
• Choose the destination you like best
• Be free from constraints of any kind
• Arrive at your destination on schedule

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Car hire and rental with driver in Santa Maria Navarrese - Baunei

Personalized Excursions

For all those who want to discover the wonders that Sardinia offers, Car Rental Barca Luciano organizes trips to the most beautiful cities in the area allowing you to enjoy extraordinary landscapes.

Car Rental Barca Luciano takes care of all the details concerning the organization of tourist trips to Baunei. During the tours you will be accompanied to places of historical, cultural and artistic interest to introduce you to the area.

You can also visit the many natural beauties and enjoy the beautiful landscapes of the region. The tour will allow you to see the spectacular views that the area offers. Car Rental Barca Luciano, despite having established tours, will be able to satisfy any request.

The most popular tours are: Golgo, Gennargentu, Pedra Liana, Orgosolo, La Marmora and many more!

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Car hire and rental with driver in Santa Maria Navarrese - Baunei

Transfer Service in Baunei

Sardinia is an island with a unique and characteristic charm, but often reaching a location is not so easy. In fact, transport services are not always perfectly efficient and moving around can be uncomfortable and complicated.

Car Rental Barca Luciano takes care of facilitating travel upon arrival and return of your stay in the region with the transfer service in Baunei.

Upon your arrival you will find the driver with a car waiting for you to take you to the accommodation indicated by you.

The transfer service guarantees you:
• Punctuality to pick you up
• The precision of fitting your commitments into the time you have available
• The willingness of the staff to take you to your destination
• The comfort guaranteed by new and equipped vehicles
• The speed of response to requests
• The ability to satisfy all your needs

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Philosophy of Car Rental Barca Luciano and map

Car Rental Barca Luciano has been operating in the sector for many years with seriousness and efficiency.

We specialize in car and van rental, garage rental and taxi service. Our car fleet is always made up of brand new vehicles and the price is among the most competitive.

You can find us in Baunei and Santa Maria Navarrese in Sardinia.